Thursday, 7 February 2013

It's a Girl!

Well good morning to you, I decided after making that little "Dress" card below, that I didn't make nearly enough cards with babies and children in mind, so I thought I had better start to put that right, and I'll see how they go!!
This is for a brand New Little baby girl!!

It's a shame the colours haven't shown up better because they are a lot brighter and prettier than they appear on here.
Now I have made one for a girl, I must make one for a baby boy as well, so I am going to be busy today!lolol, catch you all later!!


  1. Hi mum, that's a lovely card. They keeping you busy on these gloomy rainy days.

  2. SOOOO CUTE .... love how you've pleated the hood on the pram ... you put so much work into your cards Mary, I hope people appreciate the hours that go into them xxxx