Sunday, 16 March 2014

new cards!

I found this picture on the internet and instantly fell in love with it!1
My son loves birds, and goes bird watching whenever he can find the time, so I just had turn this picture into a card for him!

I did notice that the tap didn't have a little drip coming out of it, so I went into and added one to it!

I must admit I really love this card, it is acetate, with a blue glitter flower pattern on it, and when you have it in your hand it looks stunning!! I love the colors too!!

The photo of the ballerina was on Pinterest, and her beautiful dress reminded me of a flower, so I have put her into the heart of a rose, and I think it works well!!

This picture I find Enchanting, the ladies dress is just stunningly beautiful, so I have used it as an Anniversary card!!

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