Monday, 25 February 2013


Good Afternoon!! I have not been on my blog for a few days now as I have been busy making a mini album for a friend, and it took longer than I thought it would, as she needed one just a bit bigger than the usual, so it has been taking up most of my spare time, but it's done now, and we were both pleased with the finished look!!
So! this afternoon I thought about the cards I had been looking at of a wonderful artist on Facebook,
Paper-pastimes (Debbie Stevens) her cards are just beautiful!!!!
And she has given me inspiration to try my hand at making something similar, I have not got the Spellbinders dies she has, but a few of what I have got I thought might do the trick!!
This is the end result, I thought it turned out very well!! Thank you Debbie, I really enjoyed making this one!!


  1. Oh Mary - that is just beautiful
    I love white on white I think it looks really elegant
    WELL DONE xxx

    1. Aww Thank you Angela, I am going to try to do some others as I like them too!!!xxxxx