Saturday, 6 April 2013

Little Birdies!

Forgive me for not coming on here for such a long time, It
has just been one thing after another lately, but the best thing was that we have had our family to stay with us over Easter, and it was wonderful, a very good time was had by all, we really didn't want to see them go!
But with a bit of luck they should all be back again in the summer holidays! fingers crossed!
Well I have managed to make a couple of cards during all that time, one was by using some dies from the Marieanne collection, I really love these dies and am starting to get quite a collection of them too.

I think this card is so pretty, I made this for our daughters wedding anniversary.

An ideal card for a friends wedding don't you think?? easy to make, just peices of lace and ribbon edgings and a few flowers!!!

Now I must hold my hand up on this one I made it a while ago for my SIL's birthday, she has a couple of Siamese cats, so I thought she would like this one.

Inside it I made a gold pocket to hold a bookmark.

I first saw this picture from the CD  Enchanted Dreams, and I thought the mermaid was so beautiful I didn't really want to mess around with it to take away the beauty of it, so I just put it in a silver frame and let it speak for it's self.

Last but not least is the little card from the marieanne dies, I love it,

So cute, something completely different from my usual cards, and I really enjoyed making it!!

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