Sunday, 7 April 2013

pretty bicycle!

I forgot to add this card made with one of Anne Marie designs, it is a clear stamp, now if you knew me you would be saying, "Pardon???" right now, because I don't "do" stamping, I have tried, but I am just no good at it, especially the colouring in part, thats if I even get the stamp part right, usually I only ever get little bits of it on the card!!! or over ink it and get all the edges on the card too!!! Chaos!!
But when I saw this stamp I just fell for it, and thought if I am going to learn how to stamp, this is the one to make me do it!!! I just think it is adorable!!! how pretty and feminine is that???

Don't you just love it????
I saw a photo of it done and someone had added a drawing of an envelope looking like it was in the basket, so I thought well why not just make a small slit across the basket edge, make a tiny envelope and pop it into the slit!! looks really good!!

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