Monday, 6 May 2013

Cherry Blossom

It seems such a long time since I posted anything on here, but the weather has been so lovely we thought it best to get out into the garden while the sun was shining and get some of the jobs done that the awful winter has left us with!!!
But over the weekend I did manage to get some cards made, a Anniversary card, and 2 birthday cards. so I have been busy!!
The anniversary card is for our son and daughter in law, they got married in May and the church path was lined with dozens of Cherry trees all in full bloom, it really did look amazing!!! so I thought I would add a sprig of Cherry blossom on their card.

I didn't want to stick any greetings on it so I added a little lacey heart and put a card in it wishing them a happy Anniversary.

Now this one I must confess I got the idea for the dress made from a doily from Angie on Paper, Paws, etc.
Where she very kindly put the instructions on how to fold the doily!!! Thank you very much Angie!
I thought it was so pretty and decided to make a card with the dress on it for our Great Grand daughter, I just know she will love it as much as I do!!!!

This last one I really love, the expression on "Hilda's" face is priceless!!! I wonder how many people this has happened to when they have tried to get onto or off of a boat!!!!!lolololol.

Well thats it, all the three cards I had time to make in the last few days, I hope you enjoy looking at them and all the others I have put on here too, please try to add a few comments if you come to look at them, I would love to hear from you!!!

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