Monday, 6 May 2013

Our Garden!

I know I keep on mentioning our garden and got to wondering if any of you out there might be interested in having a look at it when it is at it's best during the spring and summer months??
Anyway, here goes, I will only add a few, and see if I get any response from them.

Our garden is on 3 levels, this view is of the top level, where we have planted trees to give us some much needed shade if and when we do get a good summer, we also planted up lots of pots because the borders up there are only very narrow and can't gat much in them!

This is looking down the garden from the swing area to the second level, where we have a small pond and 2 different seating places, looking down the Nantlle Valley which is very beautiful!

This is the spectacular view we have from our middle level, no matter what time of day or how many times you look at it it never looks the same, the clouds and their shadows they cast over the hills, sun and shade make them change their look all through the day, so we never get tired of looking at it!!!

Last but not least is a little photo of part of our pond, at the back is a small waterfall but it can't be seen in this photo, we love sitting on the bench at the side of it and watch the fish, and listen to the waterfall gurgling away over the rocks!
Well thats it, I hope you enjoyed the little peek into our pride and joy, and if you would like to see more I shall be happy to post some!

I nearly forgot to add one from our kitchen window, this is my view of the garden when I'm washing the dishes!!!lololololol.

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